Hevito – Quemala (audio)

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Music: Marius Rozsdas, Radu Marius Alin
Lyrics: Hevito
Mix/Master : Bunicu’ Magic
Publishing: Sprint Media Publishing


The beautiful love story of Hevito!
The hot singer Hevito, released the song “Quemala” which promises to conquer all the charts!
The story of this song is about a girl that loves a singer, and appears to a party, completely transformed. She makes everybody crazy about her, including the boy that she loves.
When Hevito wrote this song, he identified himself with the girl’s story, because he started from the bottom, and when he showed the quality of his talent, everyone was surprised, and the road to success was very short !
“The song ” Quemala ” it’s a party starter, but with a much deeper meaning. The song talks about hard working people, who follow their dreams and their ambitions”, Hevito says.
“Quemala” was born in the Full Boss studios and it’s written by Hevito, Jacques Yolo and Magic Juice.