Hevito – Quemala (video)

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Management: Marius China | office@balkanikarecords.ro
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Music: Magic Juice, Radu Marius Alin
Lyrics: Hevito
Master: Bunicu’ Magic
Produced by: OnX Media & GFS Production
Directed by: Robert Moro & Catalin Micu
D.O.P: Cristian Udeanu

The official video of Quemala is hot!

Today, Hevito releases the hottest video of the moment! The song “Quemala” was received with great enthusiasm by the Romanian public, and the public abroad, and today we have the exclusive video!
“The song ” Quemala ” it’s a party starter, but with a much deeper meaning. The song talks about hard working people, who follow their dreams and their ambitions”, Hevito says.
The video perfectly complements the idea of typical Dominican party with good music and beautiful women.
“Quemala” was born in the Full Boss studios and it’s written by Hevito, Alin Radu, Jacques Yolo and Magic Juice.
The video, produced by OnX Media & GFS Production and released by Balkanika Records Label, it’s going to awake the spirit of the party in each and every viewer.